The WOMEN OF DRACULA have Returned

Lucy X Mina

From the pages of Bram Stoker's Dracula!

The women of Dracula are re-united! Lucy Westenra is now a master vampire who is over a hundred years old. Mina Harker, having never aged from Dracula's bite, is now a very human, but immortal vampire hunter.

It’s 2022, and Lucy finds herself pursued by vampire hunters once again. Will she be able to make final amends with Mina before a bloody showdown with the slayers? Or will Mina’s experience as a vampire hunter help Lucy survive the night?

It's stakes and bullets vs. swords and fangs in Lucy X Mina!

Produced by The Vampire’s Castle, Lucy X Mina is a 17 minute short film that was completed in February 2022! After playing multiple festivals around the world, it has now been released to Youtube, and can be viewed right here!